These are a few of my favourite things

These are a few of my favourite things


    We all have those special things in our lives that we absolutely adore; a favourite pair of shoes that go with everything, a favourite mug for our morning coffee, or the perfect bag you just couldn’t live without. But imagine if we put the same amount of love and devotion we have for our favourite things into something even more precious, the endangered animals of the world.

    In a groundbreaking exhibition, Gillie and Marc are pairing some of the most endangered animals in the world with some of the most popular shoes, handbags, teapots, and cups in an effort to shift perceptions of what is really important in life. In a collection of expertly crafted bronze sculptures as well as 20 beautiful paintings, 20 different animals will come bursting out of our favourite things, popping out as if to say “remember me?”

    After nearly 30 years of creating art for conservation, Gillie and Marc have noticed one important fact. The more people are aware of animals and have cues to help them to think of them, the more likely they are to connect and want to save them. This is crucial if we are to save thousands of species from the threat of extinction. This exhibition uses things we already love and playfully introduces animals to help the world form those connections, fall in love, and join the movement for conservation.

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