Canary Wharf, London - Tandem Lovers

In the busy business district of Canary Wharf in London, people hurriedly make their way to their offices, ready to start their workdays. This can be a time of the day fraught with frustration, anxiety, and perhaps unhappiness. Turning to public art, the developers behind Canary Wharf wondered if it had to be this way.

Gillie and Marc came to the challenge armed, as usual, with a whole lot of positivity. Creating Tandem Lovers, their beloved hybrid characters Rabbitwoman and Dogman set off to work just like everyone else, but these two were having fun. An interactive sculpture, Gillie and Marc created an alternative way of heading into work, biking in to promote sustainable alternatives and encourage morning exercise, and showing how you can have fun the whole way. With Rabbitwoman cheekily perched on the handlebars, there is a spare seat on the back, encouraging the public to take a minute and join the ride of positivity.