Halkin Arcade, London - Friendship Bench

A secret garden oasis in the midst of the busy London streets is the Halkin Arcade. Creating a space to inspire people to happily sit amongst nature, quietly taking a moment of peace, the Halkin Arcade needed art that would perfectly compliment this feeling of tranquillity.

The Friendship Bench was created as the perfect spot to sit and reflect while also inspiring conversations with both strangers and lovers alike. Both a functional bench and a work of interactive contemporary art, Gillie and Marc’s iconic lovers, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, encourage people to take a moment and get to know somebody, celebrating and accepting both the similarities and differences between them. The idea is to learn about the differences between us rather than retreating in fear and division. The Friendship Bench is the chance to become Rabbitwoman and Dogman's friends, to make new friends, or just to take a photo to remember friendships.