Tandem Riders

Beaufort Street, Perth, WA

Perth’s Beaufort Street represents the city’s artistic flair. After winning a tender for a street sculpture, Gillie and Marc were able to cement their artwork right onto the road itself, among the cars.

Tandem Riders ticks all the council-requested boxes. “Local councils need public art that engages the community, brings together different constituents, and sends a message about the area,” says Marc. “This bike addresses the city’s environmental concerns, and the characters represent diversity – they appeal to all races, genders, and identities in a universal way.”

Children in particular love to climb onto Rabbitgirl’s lap and help her steer the bike. Rabbitgirl is also taking a photo and when passersby see her camera it works as a reminder that this is a place worth remembering. Visitors then snap their own shots of the vibrant area.