The Wild Side Exhibition

The Wild Side Exhibition


    It’s good to let your wild side out, but it’s also good to be on the side of the wild.

    In this online exhibition, it’s your chance to show whose side you’re on and support wildlife. Endangered animals desperately need support. Currently, over 32,000 species that are listed on the IUCN are threatened by extinction. One in 4 mammals are facing extinction and humans are the single biggest factor. Habitat loss, poaching, pollution, and climate change are some of the major ways we threaten the wild world. It’s up to us to change this. 

    This exhibition will be all things wild and includes our entire wildlife collection including new and old bronzes. paintings, prints, and much more. This is the perfect opportunity to show you’re on the side for wildlife while making your home gorgeous.

    Proceeds from this exhibition go directly to funding ‘Love The Last March’, the largest sculpture in the world with the most important message, to save endangered species. By purchasing any of our wildlife products you’ll know that you are a part of an incredible form of grassroots conservation.  

    With your help, we can inspire thousands of people to fall in love with animals and fight for their survival