Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)
Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)
Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)
Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)
Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)

Green vespa on speed (Original Painting)

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59.1 x 82.7 inch (H*W)
150 x 210 cm (H*W)

Enamel on canvas 

Contemporary Pop Art, Figurative, Wildlife

Green Vespa on Speed captures the very essence of urban street graffiti art with its depiction of Rabbitwoman and Dogman riding a green Vespa through the city streets. The painting is intricately detailed with skillful use of paint, spray, pen, and pastel, producing a richly textured background with a multitude of colors that create a sense of fast-moving motion. The artwork perfectly blends the Vespa's classic design with the Rabbitwoman and Dogman's dynamic style, producing a modern masterpiece for the street art enthusiasts.

The artwork invites the viewers into the adventure and spontaneity of the urban street culture, providing a vision of life where the journey is just as thrilling as the destination. Rabbitwoman and Dogman's devil-may-care attitude brings a touch of whimsy to the mix, making every ride through the city a new and exhilarating experience. Overall, this stunning artwork embodies the excitement and possibilities that exist in the streets of urban areas while celebrating the fundamental sense of joy that can come from a carefree moment caught forever in vandalism art.

Artwork Features
The purest example of the artist’s freehand work, Gillie and Marc’s ‘Contemporary Line & Stencil Paintings’ are a stunning series that pairs unashamedly bold colours with deep black line work to form intimate moments featuring their signature alter egos, endangered wildlife and more. The carefully selected vivid colours and unmistakable imagery means no two pieces are alike and can have multiple meanings the more they are viewed. Gillie and Marc paint each unique canvas side-by-side ensuring love is engrained in every brushstroke of each one-of-a-kind work of art. Recently inspired by the pop style of Andy Warhol and the iconic stencils of street artists Banksy and Mr. Brainwash, Gillie and Marc expanded their collection with the edgy addition of using spray paint stencils on their canvases. The stark contrast of bright colours beneath a dark stencil breathes life into this limited series, embodying Gillie and Marc’s philosophy of the importance of accessible art by playfully bringing the street to the canvas.

Please note: All canvases come stretched and ready to hang, however if you would like your painting to be framed, Gillie and Marc are happy to provide this service for you at your request. For framing enquiries please email us. 

Care Instructions
It is important to keep your painting out of direct sunlight and not to lean anything against the surface of the canvas. If it gets dusty, it can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

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