Local Legends (Bronze Sculpture)

Local Legends (Bronze Sculpture)

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Do you know a Local Legend? We want to help you celebrate the incredible stories (real and imagined), which make your community such a wonderful place to live! For over 20 years Gillie and Marc have created art in an autobiographical way, embodying their own selves through their iconic characters of Rabbitwoman and Dogman and the tale of their unique love story. Local Legends was born out of this realization that we all have a story to tell. Gillie and Marc’s project Local Legends will offer specific communities the chance to have created a custom bronze sculpture that embodies the spirit of who they are! The collection in Local Legends will consist of a series of site-specific pieces, which will act as a catalyst for connection and a deeper understanding of the local culture and people. Our goal is to achieve 100 Local Legends in 100 locations across both Australia and New Zealand! In taking part, each location will be connected to other Gillie and Marc sculptures in a shared collective network, giving visibility to these unique narratives that continue to shape our sense of cultural identity, and that may otherwise go unheard or be forgotten.  


  1. Unlikely animal heroes
  2. Sporting stars
  3. Folklore: fictional characters and creatures
  4. Outstanding feats and achievements


1. Diprotodon, Paroo Shire Council
Local Legends come in all shapes and sizes (and species!). Diprotodon is classified as “megafauna” and is more affectionately known as a giant wombat. It is the largest marsupial ever to live and first existed 1.6 million years ago. In 2011, a diprotodon skeleton called Kenny was found in Eulo in outback Queensland. Kenny is one of the largest and best-preserved megafauna skeletons ever discovered. The artists worked with paleontologists from Queensland Museum to use Kenny’s bones to recreate a biologically accurate, life-sized bronze sculpture. The bronze statue has helped create Paroo as a destination to learn about fossils and mega fauna in general. In fact, on the Outback Queensland website it lists the statue as the number one tourist site above mud springs, air raid shelters and rivers.
2. Darrel Baldock, Latrobe Council
Darrel “Doc” Baldock started out an ordinary bloke from Quoiba in Tasmania, but during his lifetime he left a lasting legacy both statewide and nationally. The Doc captained the St Kilda Football club to its only premiership in 1966, was a champion horse breeder and trainer and a state politician until 1987, when he retired to coach his beloved Saints. Many who reach the same levels of success as Darrel Baldock lose grips on their humility and empathy for others. However, throughout his life, The Doc remained a humble and kind soul, loved by his friends, family and community. This sculpture has become a beloved staple at Latrobe, drawing in crowds who want to take photos with this legendary man. Recreating such a worthy role model and indisputable Local Legend rendered in bronze reminds others to reach high, while never losing sight of their roots.  
3. William Barak, Healesville Sanctuary
Healesville Sanctuary is one of Australia’s most-loved tourist attractions and the best place in Victoria to interact with native wildlife. The not-for-profit organisation is committed to fighting wildlife extinction. It’s also situated next to heritage-listed, Coranderrk. The Sanctuary wanted to pay tribute to William Barak (1824-1903), the last traditional elder of the Wurundjeri clan and influential spokesman for Aboriginal social justice. Until his death he was the acknowledged leader at Coranderrk as a liaison between the Government and the indigenous population. He dedicated his life to working tirelessly for his people, and was a highly respected man and leader to both Indigenous groups and European settlers. Gillie and Marc created a life-sized bronze sculpture that honours Barak as the brave and dignified link between different groups of people, unifying the Victorian community.  


  • A beautiful custom-made bronze sculpture (life-sized)
  • A sign describing the project, sculpture and artists, bound under the universal hashtag #LocalLegends
  • Will appear on their own dedicated page on our website (currently being built)
  • Media support – press release, newsletter, distribution throughout our networks. Eg. ‘Which regional hero should be immortalised in bronze?’, Pilbara News: https://thewest.com.au/news/pilbara-news/artists-seek-local-sculpture-input-ng-b88815423z
  • Can suggest an unveiling event, including a speech performed by members of the community or Council representative

 Please email miranda@gillieandmarc.com for more information.