Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)
Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)
Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)
Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)
Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)

Lost Horse (Fibreglass Sculpture)

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31.1 x 16.5 x 26 inch (H*L*W) 43.7 lbs
79 x 42 x 66 cm (H*L*W) 19.6 kgs


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It can be a bit scary when you feel lost, unsure of where to turn or what road to take. Sometimes it’s best to sit for a moment and have a good calm think about what to do. Horseman feels a lot braver now he’s doing that. With his head free from racing and increasingly dramatic thinking he can find his way.

Gillie and Marc’s Lost Dogs and Lost Rabbits artworks represent the times we’ve all felt lost. The artists first came up with the Lost Dog concept in 2013 when they placed 100 Lost Dog sculptures in various locations around Sydney. Within a month, all but three of the sculptures were stolen. The Lost Dogs and Lost Rabbits received a cult following and can still be found all over Sydney. Now the collection has even expanded to include horses!

Available in a few select colors. Please enquire to see what is in stock.

Artwork Features
For the most part, fiberglass sculptures are the same as resin sculptures.

A resin sculpture is a work of art cast with the material fiberglass, a material that is perfect for making beautiful sculptures. Not only is it very light, but it is also incredibly durable and malleable making it the perfect material to mould into whatever intricate shape you like while knowing it will last for a very long time.

When creating beautiful sculptures in fiberglass and resin, Gillie and Marc like to have a bit of fun. Sometimes works are crafted in one bold color, sometimes they are splashed with many colors.

For every purchase of a fiberglass sculpture you will receive a certificate of authenticity, titled, signed, dated and editioned by the artists.

Care Instructions
Fiberglass sculptures are best kept indoors or under cover away from direct sunlight. They will require periodical maintenance.  We recommend not placing your fiberglass sculpture outside however, if you choose to do so, please be aware that wear and tear will occur. The following information will help you understand how to care for your sculpture. > Read more

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