The Nomo Soho Project

The Nomo Soho Project

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Dimensions 61cmw x 61cmd x 67cmh

Weight 10kg

Editions /100

Materials Fibreglass with 2 pack paint

Nomo Soho Project

‘We Go Together’ incorporates two of Gillie and Marc’s most popular sculpture themes – Vespas and coffee. Since they met while travelling, adventure and exploring has always been a huge inspiration in their work. The artists have a soft spot for Vespas, because they give an excuse to hold tightly to one another. This amazing sculpture has been installed in the trendy NoMo Soho Hotel in New York City, among other notable locations where it’s adored by Gillie and Marc fans across the globe. Visitors to NoMo Soho are captivating by the magnificent artwork, which adds an interesting and unique, yet endlessly elegant design feature to the venue.