25 Images Of The Most Questionable Sculptures

The world is full of beautiful art sculptures, installations, structures and museums that home some of the most famous pieces in history. Although art is always up for interpretation, there are a few times where we have found ourselves truly scratching our heads. Art comes in many shapes, sizes, figures and forms, however, we sometimes ask ourselves what the artist was really thinking.

We are certain that there is a story behind each and every piece out there, however, some of these sculptures have us wondering if anyone proofread these stories. From upside down statues to sea creatures in between walls, all the way to a cow in a tree, these are the 25 weird sculptures that make us all totally facepalm!


Number 7: The Travellers Have Arrived - Sydney, Australia

Next up on the list is yet another head-turning sculpture! The 'Travellers Have Arrived' piece was created by Gillie and Marc, and is constantly moved around Australia. Created back in 2012, says Travel Direct, this odd sculpture features a dogman and rabbit-woman riding a donkey, because why not? The piece itself was created using fibreglass materials, and although has seen countless sights across Australia, can be found permanently at the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. So, if you have ever dreamt this piece in person, then you now know where to go.

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