Proud to be Different


However similar we may all feel, we are different. Artists Gillie and Marc have created an art project aptly named Proud to be Different, which celebrates the differences that make people unique.

This project according to its creators is “a series of video interviews talking to all the weird and wonderful people who make this world special, colourful and unique”. The gay pride movement in the 1970’s encouraged the artists to start the project.

“It inspired us to start a movement for those without a movement. Proud to be Different gives a voice to all the ‘freaks’ and ‘weirdos’,” said the artists.

What you can expect from these videos are stories you probably haven’t heard before from people you would probably never have met. One of their first videos features Newtown-local Norrie May-Welby, whom two years ago notably won a landmark High Court case to be recognised as gender non-specific.

“They are the world’s first genderless person. Norrie’s outlook on life, the law and accepting who you are is so poignant that this video will make you believe in a beautiful, kindhearted future.”

Gillie and Marc have never been afraid to show originality. Their past projects have focused on provocative sculptures including Dogman (half dog, half human) and Rabbitgirl (half rabbit, half human). They have also worked with known Australian personalities for their Lost Dogs of Hope project to raise awareness about speaking up on mental health matters.

If you’re different and proud of it, upload a video or picture to social media with the hashtag #proudtobedifferent to showcase your uniqueness. (AMal)

View all the Proud to be Different videos here:



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