Weird Dog Sculpture Furore

Daily Telegraph

A GIANT half-man, half-dog bending over naked while sipping a cappuccino is causing a stir among the latte set of Woolahra. The 1.8m-tall, 3m-long sculpture was only erected out front of the Richard Martin Gallery this morning but is already causing debate over whether full-frontal nudity is art – or twisted porn.

The sculpture was created by husband and wife pair Gillie and Marc Schattner for the gallery’s exhibition “I Love My Dog And My Dog Loves Me”, opening tonight. Gallery owner Richard Martin told the Daily Telegraph they expected there to be some strong reaction but it wasn’t in the same league of the Bill Henson child porn scandal.

“I can’t even join the dots between that and this, they are so far apart,” he said. “It may raise a few eyebrows but I think overall the intent is wit and humour. Ideally people are open minded but some people have preconceived ideas about what is nudity and what is offensive.”> more