Fabric Paintings

Fabric Paintings


    Mixing two elements together, paint and fabric, these fabric paintings create a unique, 3-dimensional piece of art. With added texture, patterns, and depth from the fabrics, these paintings are transformed into something so much more exciting than a normal painting. Using beautiful fabrics from all over the world, these paintings are laced with fun, using patterns and colours in unusual places giving a different perspective on how things should look.

    Gillie and Marc have been painting together for over 25 years. Their exclusive paintings come on card, board and canvas and are painted in acrylic and enamel.

    There are many paintings to choose from and some may be sold or not available. If there is any painting here that you absolutely LOVE and when you enquire about it has sold, please don’t worry. Gillie and Marc can do a commissioned painting for you that is similar but with colours chosen by you to fit seamlessly with your interior spaces. They can work with you to get the perfect painting for your space.

    For more information, please email: gallery@gillieandmarc.com

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