Back to Nature Exhibition 2021

Back to Nature Exhibition 2021


    In times of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty, the best remedy is always going back to nature. Nature is here to inspire, protect, and heal, but sometimes we can forget that as we’re wrapped up in our crazy lives, especially when a global pandemic sends us screeching to a halt.

    Now, Gillie and Marc are painting the world green in this brand new exhibition to give everyone the positivity boost that we all need. Back to Nature is a celebration of the beauty and inspiration that can be found on our wonderful planet. This includes paintings, prints, and sculptures of plants, flowers, forests, fruit, and everything natural. It’s an exhibition to bring nature into your home and help make lockdown a little more bearable.

    Gillie and Marc grew up in the ‘70s where their backyards were forests and life in the treetops was the norm. As they grew older and had children of their own they noticed the forests seeming to get smaller.

    More than 1,400 tree species are listed as critically endangered and in urgent need of conservation action on the IUCN. The biggest factors for deforestation is the production of timber, clearing to make room for grazing cattle, soy, and palm oil plantations. And with the world’s population size growing at a rapid rate, demand for products and space continues to grow.

    Back to Nature is not only an exhibition celebrating the art of Mother Earth. Beautiful as they are, these paintings and sculptures are a little bit special. For every painting sold, the artists have pledged to plant 6 trees in real life, creating forests across the planet and healing the world. This exhibition is a unique form of conservation art, giving you the chance to make a real difference in our world while bringing beauty into your home.

    “We love using our art as a medium to share an important message and to help people find their passion for the natural world. It can be hard to know what to do sometimes so we hope these paintings help people to find action while enjoying something beautiful in their home”, notes Gillie.