St Lucy’s Dog

St Lucy's School, Wahroonga NSW

St Lucy’s is a Dominican Catholic primary school that provides education for those with disabilities,” said Gillie. Jo Karaolis was the principal of St Lucy’s School up until her retirement and she wanted to give the children a parting gift. “We were contacted by Jo to create something that would make the kids less afraid of leaving their parents for the day,” Gillie continued.

Saint Dominic is always represented with a dog and a torch because Dominic’s mother supposedly had a dream when she was pregnant that she was giving birth to a dog who would run through the countryside with a torch in its mouth.

“The life-sized bronze Labrador is a new representation of Saint Dominican symbology. “Labs are one of the friendliest types of dogs, and this was placed outside the front of the school to enchant the pupils – especially on their first day.”