A Little Step at a Time

Permanent Exhibition
Violet and Ivvy - 137 Queen St, Warragul VIC 3820
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 "A Little Step at a Time"

Rabbitwoman and Dogman knew that the only way forward was one step at a time. There were no shortcuts, but that was ok! Rather than stressing about getting to places and doing things quickly, they relaxed into the process, enjoying the journey and knowing they will get there in the end.

Violet and Ivvy

Violet and Ivvy, located in West Gippsland, is a thriving hybrid space curated by award-winning photographer April Pyle. Boasting an expanded retail section showcasing unique homewares and original art, including sculptures from renowned artists Gillie and Marc, the venue combines retail, café, corporate meeting space, and wine bar. With a focus on thoughtful design, greenery, and fostering a sanctuary atmosphere, Violet and Ivvy is now collaborating on the 'Little things lead to big changes' public art project, reflecting its commitment to art and community engagement.