Charlie Parker

Permanent Exhibition
Charlie Parker Building, Harris Park, 12 Parkes St, Parramatta NSW 2150
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Coronation, a leading creative development company in Australia, commissioned Gillie and Marc to create a unique hybrid character for their new property lobby. They were seeking out artists who could create a sculpture that would embody the characteristics of their target market, with consideration of the surrounding community as well. Thus, Charlie Parker was born! Each room in the building received a miniature version of the beloved site-specific character.

Gillie and Marc’s adorable elephant/human hybrid was used in all of Coronations CGIs. The company also used Gillie and Marc designs to decorate their construction site, and the property’s website.

To further engage the public in this captivating campaign, 10 unique Gillie and Marc sculptures were placed in local cafes, people were asked to find and share hash tagged photos of them for a prize! This incredible interactive collaboration between Gillie and Marc and Coronation was a beautiful way to engage the community, while creating widespread attention and anticipation through strategic art.