Collection of Sculptures - Sussex Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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The Paparazzi Dog Sculpture In honour of Chinese New Year, Gillie and Marc have created a very special red edition of their iconic Paparazzi Dog series. This Paparazzi Dog believes that everyone’s worthy of being photographed, not just the rich and famous! Dogs are known for having harmonious relationships with people from all-walks-of-life, and don’t discriminate against status, race, religion or orientation. For ‘Year of the Dog,’ the world’s favourite photographer is celebrating each person’s uniqueness and individuality! The Paparazzi Dog pack has travelled to cities across the globe, including Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and of course – New York City. About Gillie and Marc (Follow: @gillieandmarcart) Gillie and Marc, referred to by the media as “the world’s most loving artists,” are extraordinary public artists who have worked side-by-side for over 25-years to create art as one. Their renowned characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become soulmates. The artists’ highly coveted public artworks can be found spreading the message of love and conservation around the world. They won the Allen’s People’s Choice and Kids’ Choice Awards for Sydney’s ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ in 2016. They also won the Chianciano Biennale in Italy, among other notable awards and accolades. Their first New York art exhibition was in 1996, and since then their art has been displayed in various New York public spaces including Park Avenue, Rockefeller Centre, Avenue of Americas, DUMBO, Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and Sixth Avenue. About #TravelEverywhereWithLove The Travel Everywhere With Love project was born out of the conviction that it’s more important than ever we put our differences aside, and protect each other through love and acceptance. Travel Everywhere with Love is a united stand for peace and harmony. Gillie and Marc are creating public sculptures featuring their iconic character for 100 notable locations worldwide who support inclusiveness. When you come across Rabbitwoman and Dogman in a city, you’ll know that you’re accepted there. By sharing a photo with the hashtag #TravelEverywereWithLove, you’ll be standing with your fellow humans who believe in equality and progress. Visit