They Were Greener Together

Permanent Exhibition
Fish Lane, South Brisbane QLD 4101
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These unique loving sculptures remind us that, no matter where in the world we live, we all come from the same place and call Mother Earth our home. Gillie and Marc have created their iconic characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, to look as though they’re made of beautiful plants. Not only does this lovely textured material go with all types of indoor and outdoor décor, it also expresses the powerful message that love is the most natural thing of all. If two people fall in love, it’s more powerful than any preconceptions such religion, culture, or race. Rabbitwoman and Dogman, for example, come from drastically different backgrounds, and in the wild a Dog and Rabbit would never get along. However, through love, these differences melted away like the snow under the summer sun. These stunning artworks allow you to bring the beauty of the wilderness into your space, reminding you that nature has no rules and to simply let go in love.