Little Things Lead to Big Changes

Permanent Exhibition
Noi - 108 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049, Australia
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"A Little Care for Others"

Rabbitwoman and Dogman deeply care about all living things. One day they discovered a nest with a lonely little egg. The mother had unfortunately moved on, leaving the little egg unprotected. Rabbitwoman and Dogman knew what they had to do. Climbing into the nest they became adoptive parents. Keeping the egg warm between them gave them a rush of love. They could make a world of difference for this baby. Their reward was seeing a new, happy life come into this world. This was their great secret for a happy life: with a little care for others, they received the greatest reward. Love.

"A Little Home Time with Friends"

There’s nothing quite like a quiet night in with the ones you love. Rabbitwoman and Dogman love these evenings, sitting in peace with each other and whichever of their friends has popped in. Their home is their little sanctuary. It’s not big or lavish, but it’s theirs and theirs to share. To them, a little house full of love is greater than the largest mansion. 

Noi Petersham 

Noi is a part of Sydney Restaurant Group, established by well-recognised and respected Sydney restaurateur, Bill Drakopoulos in 2000. Each venue is one of a kind, capturing the essence of contemporary Sydney dining.