A Little Greener

Permanent Exhibition
Dirty Red - 41 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
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Little Things Lead to Big Changes...

Rabbitwoman and Dogman are on a mission. One seed at a time they are changing their world. The planet has been transformed from lush, diverse flora to a concrete jungle. Ecosystems are disappearing and the world is becoming more polluted. But there’s still time to fix things! Rabbitwoman and Dogman are rewilding the world. They are planting a diversity of flowers, trees, and shrubs. They are working to care for and protect the remaining wild spaces. They are working together to make the world a little greener and a lot healthier. Will you join their mission?

Dirty Red 

Armed and ready to go, Dirty Red is a must visit eatery serving up kick-ass coffee & brunch since '18. Opening their first location in Glebe and expanding into Rozelle, you can kick back and enjoy that "Friday Feeling" before enjoying the local markets and surrounding shops.