A Little Helping Hand

Permanent Exhibition
Sunda - 18 Punch Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Little Things Lead to Big Changes...

Everyone has a time in their life when they could do with a helping hand. For elephants, that time is now. All elephant species are threatened by extinction, brought on by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, climate change, and poachers. They are struggling. Rabbitwoman and Dogman can’t imagine a world without these iconic creatures. They refuse to sit back and do nothing. Using all their strength, they heave, lifting the elephant up to safety. Will you give them a helping hand?


SUNDA is one of Melbourne’s most progressive restaurants, weaving modern Asian food with native Australian ingredients in a Kerstin-Thompson designed glass and steel structure down one of the city’s famed laneways. Evocative of the glowing lanterns of Asia, SUNDA’s design & cuisine have made a mark here and abroad.