Accessories - Wanderways

Gillie and Marc's innovative licensing program embarks on an inspiring journey with a collaborative venture for the travel brand, WanderWays. Famed for their artistic prowess, the dynamic duo introduces a collection that transcends ordinary travel accessories, featuring a suitcase, camera, and umbrella. Each piece is intricately adorned with Gillie and Marc's distinctive artistry, transforming these essential travel companions into wearable and functional works of art. The suitcase becomes a canvas for whimsical characters, the camera captures the essence of WanderWays' explorations with a touch of creativity, and the umbrella shields travelers with vibrant narratives. This collaboration not only elevates the aesthetics of travel gear but also infuses the WanderWays experience with the unique storytelling and artistic spirit for which Gillie and Marc are renowned. Travelers, equipped with this extraordinary collection, embark on journeys where every step is a testament to the harmonious blend of art and exploration.