Apparel - Elevate

Introducing Elevate, a sophisticated fashion label that embodies the refined aesthetic of Gillie and Marc's iconic sculptural style. With a focus on elevated design and timeless elegance, Elevate offers a collection of high-fashion apparel, including t-shirts, that beautifully showcase the duo's new sculptural vision. Inspired by their renowned artistic innovation, each garment from Elevate seamlessly blends neutral colors and luxurious fabrics to create a sophisticated yet contemporary look. The collaboration with Gillie and Marc infuses a sense of artistic flair into every piece, transforming traditional apparel into wearable works of art. Elevate redefines fashion boundaries by offering a collection that not only exudes sophistication but also celebrates the fusion of art and style. With its elevated aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail, Elevate invites fashion enthusiasts to experience the epitome of refined luxury, where Gillie and Marc's sculptural mastery meets high-fashion sensibility.