Vehicles - NexDrive Motors

Gillie and Marc's boundary-pushing licensing program ventures into the automotive world with an exhilarating collaboration for the cutting-edge car company, NexDrive Motors. Renowned for their imaginative artistry, the dynamic duo transforms the traditional notion of automotive aesthetics with a striking collaboration on a signature car wrap. The collaboration introduces a design that seamlessly integrates Gillie and Marc's iconic imagery, adding an artistic touch to NexDrive Motors' fleet. The car wrap becomes a mobile canvas, featuring the artists' whimsical characters and vibrant narratives, turning each vehicle into a moving masterpiece. NexDrive Motors, under the creative influence of Gillie and Marc, becomes not just a car company but a mobile art gallery, where innovation and artistic expression converge on the open road, redefining the driving experience and turning every journey into a visually captivating adventure.