Beverages - Recover

Gillie and Marc's groundbreaking licensing program extends its creative reach to the world of energy drinks with an exhilarating collaboration for the brand's recovery beverage. Renowned for their artistic innovation, the dynamic duo infuses this high-energy concoction with a burst of creativity. The collaboration introduces a unique design for the energy drink cans that seamlessly integrates Gillie and Marc's iconic imagery. Each can becomes a canvas for the artists' whimsical characters and vibrant narratives, transforming the act of replenishing energy into a visually stimulating experience. Recover, under the artistic influence of Gillie and Marc, transcends the typical energy drink aesthetic, offering consumers not just a boost of vitality but a sip of the artists' imaginative world. This collaboration is a fusion of art and refreshment, where every can tells a story and energizes not only the body but also the spirit.