Beverages - Epic Quest

Gillie and Marc's innovative licensing program takes a refreshing turn with their collaboration on labels for a sparkling water named Epic Quest. Renowned for their vibrant and thought-provoking art, the artistic duo infuses the beverage industry with their distinctive aesthetic. The labels, designed in collaboration with the artists, showcase a dynamic blend of whimsical characters and vivid, abstract expressions that mirror the effervescence of the sparkling water. Through this partnership, Gillie and Marc seamlessly integrate their storytelling prowess into the packaging, transforming each bottle into a canvas that narrates an "Epic Quest" of flavor and refreshment. The labels become a visual journey, inviting consumers to not only savor the sparkling water but also to immerse themselves in the artists' imaginative world. This collaboration not only elevates the aesthetics of the beverage but also transforms it into a unique and collectible experience for those who appreciate the intersection of art and everyday life.