Fragrances - Essentia

In a transcendent collaboration that marries olfactory elegance with sculptural finesse, Essentia has partnered with the revered artists Gillie and Marc to craft a fragrance experience unlike any other. Drawing inspiration from their sophisticated bronze sculptures, this collection embodies a timeless allure, where scent becomes a work of art. Bronze, the epitome of refinement, takes center stage as the primary color palette, infusing each perfume bottle with a sense of understated luxury. Within these vessels lies an aromatic journey that echoes the harmony of nature, intertwined with the whimsical presence of Gillie and Marc's iconic characters, Dogman and Rabbitwoman. Prepare to indulge in a sensorial symphony where fragrance transcends its utilitarian purpose, evoking emotions as profound as the sculptures themselves, as Essentia and Gillie and Marc redefine the boundaries of artistic collaboration.