Footwear - PanachePied

Gillie and Marc's licensing program achieves new heights of sophistication through their collaboration on a collection of refined heels for the esteemed shoe company, PanachePied. Renowned for their artistic prowess, the dynamic duo brings a unique blend of contemporary artistry and timeless elegance to this partnership. The collaboration introduces a line of heels that seamlessly marries Gillie and Marc's signature style with PanachePied's commitment to refined fashion. Each pair becomes a wearable masterpiece, featuring intricate details, luxurious materials, and a touch of whimsy that sets them apart. The collaboration not only elevates the aesthetics of PanachePied's offerings but also transforms each step into a statement of artistic grace. Gillie and Marc's artistic flair, combined with PanachePied's dedication to sophistication, result in a collection of heels that redefine footwear as a canvas for modern, refined, and truly timeless fashion.