Home Decor - Slice & Style Co.

In a dynamic fusion of culinary artistry and visual creativity, Slice & Style Co. has collaborated with acclaimed sculptors Gillie and Marc to unveil a captivating range of plates and homewares. Infused with the vibrant energy of street-style graphics, this collection ignites the dining experience with a bold burst of color and character. With black, red, and white hues dominating the palette, each piece serves as a canvas for the duo's distinctive designs, showcasing a playful interplay of wildlife motifs and the endearing figures of Dogman and Rabbitwoman. From sleek dinner plates to whimsical serving platters, every item embodies a perfect harmony of form and function, transforming every meal into a feast for the senses. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey where art meets gastronomy, courtesy of Slice & Style Co. and the visionary imagination of Gillie and Marc.