Cosmetics - Lumina Belle

Gillie and Marc's innovative licensing program ventures into the realms of beauty and fragrance with a captivating collaboration for the esteemed company, Lumina Belle. Renowned for their artistic prowess, the dynamic duo infuses Lumina Belle's makeup and perfume lines with a touch of whimsy and contemporary flair. The makeup collection, marked by Gillie and Marc's signature artistry, introduces vibrant hues and playful packaging that reflects the brand's commitment to youthful expression and natural beauty. Simultaneously, the fragrance collaboration adds a sensory dimension to the partnership, capturing the essence of Gillie and Marc's evocative narratives. Lumina Belle becomes a canvas for the artists' vision, where makeup and perfume converge to create a harmonious blend of art and beauty, inviting consumers to explore the world of Gillie and Marc through the enchanting medium of beauty and fragrance.