Vehicles – MINI Paceman

Gillie and Marc were one of three artists commissioned to create a unique billboard mural as part of a series for the MINI Paceman. The mural ran as a billboard in Sydney and now resides at the MINI Gallery in Melbourne.

The goal was to interpret the MINI Paceman with a new slant on things. Incorporating Dogman and Rabbitgirl into the artwork gave human characteristics to the iconic MINI and created the idea of a strange world where a dog and a rabbit would stop to take a photo of a MINI Paceman scooting down a red carpet.

“We do like to have a lot of humour in our art,” said Gillie. “We like to have that fun element.”“It’s biographical,” explained Marc. “I’m the dog and Gillie’s the rabbit. We’re two complete opposites as a rabbit and a dog but we’re partners in life, and lovers even though we’re an unlikely couple. The MINI Paceman is an unlikely car but it’s changing the way we see cars.”

The artists decided to create the car as a personality with Dogman and Rabbitgirl totally mesmerised by it. “The MINI Paceman is an icon and it’s going to be an icon for years to come,” said Marc. “It’s a fun car and the whole idea of the MINI is to go out and enjoy.”