Fragrances - Citrus Kiss

Gillie and Marc's innovative licensing program takes a fragrant turn with a captivating collaboration for the perfume company, Citrus Kiss. Renowned for their artistic flair, the dynamic duo infuses this fragrance venture with a burst of creativity. The collaboration introduces a scent that seamlessly marries Gillie and Marc's iconic imagery with the essence of Citrus Kiss. Each fragrance becomes a harmonious blend of art and olfactory delight, with notes that reflect the duo's whimsical characters and vibrant narratives. The perfume, under the artistic influence of Gillie and Marc, is not merely a fragrance but an aromatic journey, evoking a sense of joy and enchantment. Citrus Kiss becomes a haven where art and fragrance converge, offering a uniquely sensorial experience that transcends traditional perfume boundaries, making each spray a delightful kiss of creativity.