Apparel - Velocity

Gillie and Marc's licensing program accelerates into the world of sportswear with an exciting collaboration for the dynamic company, Velocity. Famed for their artistic innovation, the duo infuses a burst of creativity into Velocity's jersey collection, redefining athletic wear with a unique blend of style and performance. The collaboration introduces jerseys that seamlessly integrate Gillie and Marc's iconic imagery, embodying a fusion of art and athleticism. Each jersey becomes a canvas for the artists' dynamic storytelling, capturing the essence of movement and energy. VelocityVibe, under the influence of Gillie and Marc, transcends traditional sportswear boundaries, offering a collection that not only enhances athletic performance but also makes a bold fashion statement. This collaboration ensures that every wearer experiences the pulse of VelocityVibe's spirited aesthetic, marrying the worlds of art and sport in a truly exhilarating fashion.