Home decor - Cibo

Gillie and Marc's visionary licensing program unveils a tantalizing collaboration for the esteemed Italian brand, Cibo. Renowned for their artistic prowess, the dynamic duo brings a touch of whimsy and sophistication to the dining experience with a collection of tableware that transcends the ordinary. In this collaboration, plates, utensils, and other dining essentials become canvases for Gillie and Marc's iconic characters and vibrant narratives. Each piece, adorned with the artists' distinctive style, transforms the act of dining into a visual feast. Cibo, under the artistic influence of Gillie and Marc, emerges as a brand where culinary and creative arts converge seamlessly. The tableware collection not only elevates the aesthetics of the dining table but also invites diners to partake in a culinary journey intertwined with the enchanting narratives of these celebrated artists, making every meal an extraordinary and visually captivating experience.