Accessories - J. Paul. Horizon

Gillie and Marc's visionary licensing program takes a timely turn with a captivating collaboration for J. Paul Horizon, an esteemed watch brand. Renowned for their artistic ingenuity, the dynamic duo brings a touch of contemporary artistry to the world of timepieces. In this collaboration, watch designs become a canvas for Gillie and Marc's iconic characters and vibrant narratives, transforming each tick into a visual journey. J. Paul Horizon emerges as a brand where precision meets creativity, with each watch telling a unique story through the lens of these celebrated artists. The collaboration not only elevates the aesthetics of timekeeping but also invites wearers to carry a piece of Gillie and Marc's imaginative world on their wrists. The J. Paul Horizon collection becomes a fusion of art and precision, making every moment a canvas for storytelling and every glance at the watch an encounter with the extraordinary.