Apparel & Merchandise – WWF Singapore

In a collaboration with WWF Singapore, conservation is on trend with this range of clothing, enamel mugs, and notebooks. 

This range is the perfect collection for anyone who loves tigers and loves the outdoors. You can throw on a breathable organic t-shirt, stay protected from the sun with a stylish bucket hat, sip tea by the campfire with a hardy enamel mug, and take notes of all the amazing things you discover in a forest-friendly notebook. All of them dedicated to raising awareness of the mighty tiger.

This project is linked to WWF Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail 2022, an island-wide art trail of tigers to educate and bring awareness of their desperate need for protection. Today there are only around 3,900 wild tigers left in the world. The numbers are rapidly dropping thanks to poaching and habitat loss. We must act now if we are to protect these gorgeous cats.

All products are certified and made with the highest standards of sustainability.