A Bronze Zoo Of Endangered Animals Can Be Seen Living Wildly At The WTC

Published May 2023

Forget the Bronx Zoo, there's now a Bronze Zoo capturing attention down at the World Trade Center from brilliant artist duo, Gillie and Marc.

The artist duo, Gillie and Marc, responsible for King Nyani, the 5,000-pound gorilla statue that once graced NYC and now resides in Chicago’s Bronxfield Zoo, is back at it again with another wild exhibition on display in NYC.

A Wild Life For Wildlife is taking over the World Trade Center, with whimsical bronze sculptures of endangered species doing quirky human activities. Catch a monkey, giraffe, and lion riding a tandem bike, a rhino and a dog facing off in a game of chess, an elephant and rabbit reading on a bench and more.

Each sculpture has a corresponding QR code that will inform the public about each animal’s current threats, lives and needs when scanned. It takes wildlife conservation from the “outskirts of humanity” and positions it on top of mind for those so far removed from the wild in large, urban cities.

The exhibition “encourages the public to become a part of the journey with endangered animals. It allows them to learn and understand why each of these species is in trouble.”

A Wild Life For Wildlife is all part of a grander social movement, ‘Love The Last‘ project, that works towards protecting endangered animals through funds and public awareness. Gillie and Marc are using A Wild Life For Wildlife to push the #LoveTheLast mission and serve as a “beacon for a brighter future.”

The husband and wife duo have worked together for 27 years. Described as “eco-warriors,” the pair’s work often highlights their spiritual bond between humans and animals, exemplifying love and conservation with every piece they create.

They hope that the same love and wonder people have for the wild can be used to heal and protect such animals facing impending extinction. Learn more about Gillie and Marc on their website here.

When: A Wild Life For Wildlife will be on view for the next 12 months

Where: World Trade Center (South Oculus Plaza between the Oculus and 3 World Trade Center 185 Greenwich Street)