Astounding Animal Statues By Gillie And Marc Near London Bridge

Published September 2023

A rhino plays chess with a dog

Remember the chimps sculptures, and the table of animal diners? Sculpture duo Gillie and Marc are back with a new and thought provoking menagerie.

Rarely a month goes by without a new sculpture or three from Gillie and Marc. The prolific duo have, just in the past couple of years, given us the chimps of London Bridge, the Wild Table of Love in Paternoster Square, and a pride of lions near Waterloo (and more besides). Now they're back with the most eye-opening outdoor show yet.

A giraffe eats noodles from a bowl held by a rabbit

A Wild Life for Wildlife can be found at More London... or London Bridge City... or whatever the area between London and Tower Bridges is calling itself these days. The outdoor display comprises 11 sculptures, all featuring animals in unusual poses.

Track down the rhino playing chess, the giraffe slurping noodles, or a gang of African wild animals on a bicycle made for 10. Familiar Gillie and Marc characters Rabbitwoman and Dogman also make regular appearances.

Rabbitwoman and dogman introduce the exhibition

The sculptures may be light and playful, but they're designed to carry a heavy message. Many of the animals featured face grave challenges in the years ahead from habitat loss to the possibility of outright extinction. Gillie and Marc's sculptures are designed to make you smile, and then make you think.

Two figures lift a rhino

Each of the sculptures comes with a QR code which, once scanned, provides further information about the big beasts. You'll also find a link to donate money to ZSL's conservation work.

A Wild Life for Wildlife is at London Bridge City from now until September 2024. It's all free; as free as the wind blows... as free as the grass grows...


An elephant holds a coffee cup and talks to a rabbit