Bronze Gillie & Marc Sculptures: art with a message for travelers

Perhaps you have already spotted various art in our hotel. In addition to the street art in a number of rooms, we now also have bronze sculptures by the famous Australian artists Gillie & Marc. This is not without reason. The artworks of Gillie & Marc are based on a beautiful philosophy, so that each image gives a strong message to travelers.

Thanks to Gillie & Marc, The Hague Teleport Hotel is able to share these messages in the most beautiful way: by art. Because you are worth it!

The sculptures can be found in our lobby and each one has its own story. Which message fits you the most? Have a tea/coffee and sit with the sculpture you feel the most connected with.

Take a moment and let the message get to you.

Before you read the message behind every sculpture, let’s start with the philosophy first!


A world without strangers

What characterizes the sculptures are the ‘Rabbitgirl’ and ‘Dogman’. The statues represent two opposite animals / persons who become best friends and soulmates regardless their origin, faith or culture. This fits perfectly within the Dutch culture as a multicultural country.

Gillie and Marc reference their own remarkable love story in their works. They first met in Hong Kong. Instantly they realised they’d found their soulmate, someone to start a journey encompassing their mutual love for art and adventure.

As husband and wife, Gillie and Marc use their iconic animal/human hybrid characters to tell their own spectacular love story, to explore the nature of relationships, to understand the animal side of humans and to create moments of happiness.

Dog and rabbit make an unlikely couple in nature, so Gillie and Marc hope the love between them inspires a need to embrace individuality and uniqueness in other people. Now, Gillie and Marc are exploring other hybrid characters who symbolise the connections and complicated relationships that exist between humans and other humans, as well as humans and animals. Gillie and Marc’s work is a commentary on and fascination with relationships. The relationship between man and woman, as well as the relationship between human and animal and between our pets and our families.

A Merc is a Rabbit and Dogs’ best friend

Rabbitgirl and Dogman are shown driving one of their favourite cars with no worries where the road is going, because they’re just so happy to be together!

Let the thought of a probleem free life sink into your mind. Enjoy the bright side of life and embrace the path of life that you are experiencing with your soulmate.

This beautiful bronze piece will make you feel young again!

He thought never forget me

Gillie and Marc believe in a world where love can bring people from all walks-of-life together. It’s through love that differences are understood, and togetherness embraced. It’s like a real life fairytale! At first glance, the cat and dog are a very unlikely pair. Yet, these two have found a happy ending and fallen in love! This elegant bronze sculpture will add a unique lightness and joy to your life.


He was the guitar man with horns

Gillie and Marc were fascinated and inspired when they saw a wild deer for the first time. The artist felt touched by the spirit of the deer. Its commanding yet graceful nature created a magical moment, in a way that brought them even closer together. As such, they elicited Deerman as the best friend of, their autobiographical characters, Rabbitgirl and Dogman.

The artists share a mutual love for music, and certain songs they hear will bring them back to that wonderful trip where they met their ‘deer’ friend

Enjoy life, don’

t waste a day. Now is the time to create memories.

Flying Fish

The idea behind this sculpture is to discuss the effect humans have on animals which is symbolised through the rope pulling the fish down and restricting its movement.

This wondrous sculpture is modelled after Gillie and Marc’s larger than life artwork for Sculpture By The Sea, 2015. The awe-inspiring 5-metre tall artwork was a kinetic sculpture that would turn in the wind. These unpredictable movements worked as a poignant comment on the effect humans have on animals, symbolised through the rope pulling down the fish, restricting its movement.

The artists chose the flying fish because this animal has managed to survive global warming. Humans are destroying their habitat and eventually there will be less places for them to ‘fly’ to.

The point of this sculpture is to think about the relationship between human and animals.

Do you think the fish is successful because this animal managed to adapt and survive its challenges? Or is it about to be grappled to Earth by the rope lasso?

 Sitting Magpie

When Gillie first moved to Australia she became fascinated with the native birds. While she loved the colourful rosellas and lorikeets she was also drawn to the unique and special beauty in the robust and plucky magpie.

Magpies are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They’re also one of Australia’s most highly-regarded songbirds and can mimic 35 different species of birds and even dogs, horses and humans. So Gillie & Marc wanted to explore all the interesting, complex characteristics of the not-so-humble magpie in their art.

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild.” – Stephen King


You are welcome here! #TravelEverywhereWithLove #GoTeleport

Unfortunately discrimination based on religion, race, and national origin is still playing a big part in the world. Barriers are being used to divide us. The global rise in nationalism has led people to feel they can no longer travel places where they once felt happy and welcome. It seems the world is forgetting that, as humans, we’re all the same.

Therefore Gillie and Marc have created the hashtag #TravelEverywhereWithLove. It is the biggest sculpture project of the world. It is a global movement to put our differences aside and re-unite the world with love and peace. When you come across the familiar Rabbitgirl and Dogman in a city, you’ll know that you’re welcome there.

On a live Instagram feed will show all of the incredible photos from around the world!

Let the world know that you stand for love, peace and togetherness by uploading your photo of a Gillie & Marc sculpture with the hashtags: