Build them a statue

Published Nov 2022

Statues are a permanent tribute, a reminder, a warning, an inspiration. Yes, they are sometimes divisive, but the right statue for the right reason can be a beautiful example of art and unite a community in pride.

Statues For Legends is a project initiated by artist couple, Gillie and Marc. Its aim is to have statues built in communities around the world to honour a person, a beloved animal, or an event that has special meaning to that community.
People are invited to nominate a subject for a statue. It can be a local hero, someone who has given selflessly yet gone unrecognised.

Perhaps it’s a sporting hero who has instilled pride and inspired young members of the community. Or someone in the arts whose talents have brought joy to people within and beyond the borders of their home town.

There are plenty of pets and other animals who have earned their place on a pedestal. Phar Lap, of course. The legendary Dog on the Tuckerbox which was inspired by a poem.

Significant events, milestones, achievements can also be nominated. You may wish to have a solemn memorial for a devastating event that impacted a community; or to commemorate an achievement by a group or organisation, or mark a milestone like a particular anniversary.

Gillies and Marc will co-fund the building of statues through their special Statues For Legends program.

Gillies and Marc are Australian and British artists whose sculptures and artworks are displayed in over 250 cities around the world. They are prolific creators and firm believers in sustainable, equitable, love-focused public art.