Buried Rhino

Sydney artists Gillie and Marc hope to make the world’s biggest rhino sculpture in the hope of raising awareness.

One rhino is killed every six hours. At this rate, they will be extinct in the wild in less than ten years. Gillie and Marc along with the Australian Rhino Project (ARP) want to raise awareness about how vulnerable these magnificent creatures are while also highlighting their beauty. They felt that this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, which is estimated to bring in a whooping two million visitors, is the perfect platform to do this.

The mission of ARP is to ensure the long term survival of rhinos in the wild. Their mission is to fly 80 African rhinos, 11,000 kilometres from South Africa to Australia, to establish an insurance population and ensure the survival of the species. Once conditions permit, the rhinos will be reintroduced back to their natural habitat in South Africa. The Australian Rhino Project believes rhinos must be available to the world in the wild, not only in captivity. The first rhinos have been identified and ARP will begin relocating rhinos to Australia later this year.

Gillie and Marc have earnt a solid reputation as rhino artists and have made rhino sculptures that have been placed all over Australia including Dubbo Zoo and Federation Square in Melbourne. But now they want to do something with even more of an impact, by exhibiting the world’s biggest rhino sculpture in this year’s Sculpture by the Sea right in the middle of stunning Tamarama Beach.

To find out more about this incredible project and to donate to the artists and the ARP head to https://pozible.com/project/buried-rhino


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