Eclectic Works on Display

Canberra Times

Contemporanea is on show for two weeks at Aarwun Gallery. Twenty-four of the 33 artists have been confirmed as coming to the opening night. Aarwun Gallery owner Robert Stephens says, ‘‘Biennale – many people will give you different ideas. My term for it is that it’s going outside the square with art.’’ The exhibition is only being shown at two venues in Australia, including Aarwun. ‘‘It’s in Melbourne right now from October 7 to 19 at Smart Artz Gallery. It’s had a fantastic response,’’ Stephens says. There are more than 100 pieces in the exhibition and Stephens says, ‘‘Some of it is quite controversial. There’s a statue, three metres by two metres, of a man with a dog’s head called Goodboy .’’ The striking piece is by Gillie and Marc Schattner and Stephens says it was rejected by some galleries.

Gillie and Marc Art Eclectic Works Sculptures