Effort to add more public art to Muskegon begins with 'Mastodons on the Loose'

Mar 21, 2019 / 13onyourside / By Jon Mills -- "Mastodons on the Loose" will be placed just outside the Lakeshore Museum Center. 

MUSKEGON, Mich. — The Muskegon City Public Art Initiative launched July 2018 with a goal to add up to ten new significant works of art to the public art collection in the City of Muskegon.

An underwriter for the project has committed $250,000 to support the new works with a pledge of $25,000 per work of art.

"Art is what gives people a spark," said Judith Hayner, Project Director for the Muskegon City Public Art Initiative.

The M.C.P.A.I. has been asked to focus on works that link to the city's history and compliment public art already in the downtown.

The first work, "Mastodons on the Loose" is by Australian artist Gillie and Marc.

The bronze sculpture will stand more than seven feet tall. And will be placed just outside the Lakeshore Museum Center on the corner of 4th and Clay.

"Kids can climb on it and have their pictures taken with it," said Annoesjka Soler, Executive Director Lakeshore Museum Center.

"Mastodons on the Loose," includes a number of small bronze mastodons that will be placed around the downtown. Organizers hope their locations result in a scavenger hunt for residents and visitors to Muskegon.

12,000 years ago mastodons roamed the area that is now Muskegon County.

The Lakeshore Museum Center has on display authentic bones from a mastodon found near Rothbury. And a life-size mastodon replica.

After the artists finish the sculpture it will be carefully packaged into a shipping container and travel by boat from Australia to the U.S.

It should be installed by September.

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