Gardens by the Bay to host world’s largest sculpture from May 19, 2023

 Published Oct 2022

The sculpture titled Love The Last March features over 40 of the most endangered species and aims to spread awareness on wildlife extinction.

To spread awareness on the rapid rate of wildlife extinction, British and Australian artists Gillie and Marc are creating the world’s largest sculpture that will be displayed in Singapore next year. 

This exhibition, titled Love The Last March, will be a whopping 192m in length. It will be displayed at the Gardens by the Bay from May 19, 2023 to May 18, 2024. 

Organised in partnership with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore), it will be located near the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, and situated alongside Dragonfly Lake. WWF-Singapore aims to raise funds for these affected animals through donations from visitors. 

This exhibition will “depict the greatest animal march on Planet Earth”. Led by a great mountain gorilla, the sculpture features over 60 of the world’s most endangered species including those native to Singapore.

These include bronze sculptures of pangolins and hawksbill turtles and even regional species like orangutans and elephants. 

Made by artists Gillie and Marc, Love The Last March is at a much larger scale than their usual wildlife sculptures that focus on one animal per project.

They said: “The rate of extinction is picking up at a terrifying rate. We wanted to show the scale of this issue, bringing awareness of the overarching problem as well as highlighting individual species.”  

The exhibition is also made interactive through technology. Visitors can download an application and scan a QR code as they walk past each animal to read more about the animal’s behaviour, diet and most importantly – why it is threatened. 

A 3D animation of each sculpture will also be played through the app when visitors approach the sculptures.

Gillie and Marc also believe that one of the highlights of this exhibition is the chosen location at Gardens by the Bay. 

“Surrounded by more than 1,500,000 plants, this explosion of nature and diversity in the heart of a thriving urban city shows what can be possible if the planet is a priority and shows that it is possible to live with rather than against nature,” they said. 

Members of the public will be able to make a contribution to WWF-Singapore as they view the sculpture, through links to a donation page. 

There are multiple donation packages available. Contributors can opt for the monthly donation package of $38, $48 and $58, or make a one-time donation of $88, $188 and $288. They can also donate other amounts with the custom option.