Giant Rhino Statue Finds New Home in Downtown Brooklyn

The 17-foot-tall statue of three white northern rhinos was originally installed at Astor Place but was moved to Downtown Brooklyn.

A 17-foot-tall bronze sculpture of the rhinos, which represents the last living animals of a species near extension, was moved from Astor Place to MetroTech Common in Brooklyn this week, artists Gillie and Marc Shattner announced on their website.

“The Last Three” was first put in place in the East Village in March as a way to draw attention to the plight of northern white rhinos, which are extinct in the wild and only have two left alive in captivity.

They’ve been hunted to near extinction by poachers for their horns and the last living male died in Kenya days after the statue was installed in Astor Place.

Australian artists the Schattners spent a week with the remaining rhinos in Kenya in March 2017 to prepare for the piece and help memorialize the nearly extinct species.