Gillie and Marc get an urge to kiss


Other states should be embracing Perth’s bold lead on public art, the artists behind Beaufort Street’s Tandem Riders sculpture say.

And WA is leading the nation on that front, according to Sydney-based artists Gillie and Marc Schattner, who were in Perth this week for the opening of a new exhibition.

“Perth is open-minded to public art. The council fought for exposed genitals (for our sculpture) where other councils in Australia would not,” Ms Schattner said.

Installed in 2013, Ms Schattner said the dogman and rabbitgirl sculpture caused initial hesitation because of its nudity, but now it was being embraced.

Their new exhibition, at Linton & Kay Galleries until March 3, urges visitors to kiss one of the sculptures, a friend, a partner, or even a stranger.

“With so much volatility in the world it feels like we need to love each other a little more, and it feels like a good time to be celebrating something positive,” Mr Schattner said.

Gillie and Marc Urge to Kiss Sunday Times