Love the Last March

Published May 2023

Gillie and Marc Love the last march in Singapore featuring 45 endangered species

Time Out says

The longest sculpture in the world will soon be making its debut on Singapore’s shores – or, more specifically, in Gardens by the Bay. Spanning a vast 192m in length, Love the Last March comprises 45 sculptures of the world’s most endangered species, such as the mountain gorilla and the Northern hairy-nosed wombat. 

The artists behind the sculpture, internationally renowned artists Gillie and Marc, aim to raise awareness of the wildlife extinction crisis the world is currently facing. The size of the whole sculpture reflects the scale of the issue, and each smaller sculpture depicts an endangered species.

The exhibition doesn’t end with the physical sculpture – it is supplemented by an interactive augmented reality experience, in which the animal sculptures come alive and start marching. The AR experience can be accessed via a QR code, which will be available at the sculpture location. If you can’t make it to Gardens by the Bay, the AR experience can also be accessed online at   

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the massive sculpture! From May 19 2023 to May 18 2024, witness the greatest animal march in the world at the Silver Garden in Gardens by the Bay. If you feel inclined to do so, there is an opportunity to make donations to support wildlife conservation efforts. Proceeds will go to the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore’s local work in stopping illegal wildlife trade.