Rhino sculptures to make a statement in New York

CRITICALLY endangered rhinos have inspired world-famous Centennial Park artists to create a huge statue in the heart of New York City.

There are only three Northern White Rhinos left and Gillie and Marc Schattner aim to make sure their plight is not in vain by collecting one million signatures to ban the horn trade in China and Vietnam.

They say their creation, called The Last Three, will be the biggest rhino sculpture in the world.

The sculptors with one of the only surviving Northern White Rhinos


The husband-and-wife sculptors were heartbroken after seeing the last remaining rhinos Sudan, Najin and Fatu seven weeks ago. The trio is kept under intense security at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Northern Kenya.

Sudan is 43 with a low sperm count and his daughter and granddaughter Najin and Fatu are infertile — meaning the entire species will be extinct imminently.

The pair are now trying to secure funding to recreate the final three survivors as a six-meter tall bronze sculpture made up of life-size rhinos in Astor Pl, Manhattan. They hope it will be unveiled early next year.

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