Silversea's Walrus Sculpture is here to safeguard endangered species

Published May 2023

Silversea Cruises has affirmed its commitment to conservation by collaborating with artists Gillie & Marc to support the ‘Love the Last March’ exhibition in Singapore—an initiative aimed at safeguarding the world’s most endangered wildlife species.

Silversea has sponsored the sculpture of an Atlantic Walrus named Amelia (featured image).

“We are proud to support endangered wildlife species by championing the important message of the ‘Love the Last March’ exhibition,” said Adam Radwanski, managing director Asia Pacific, Silversea Cruises.

Silversea is committed to unlocking the world’s most enriching experiences for travellers in a responsible manner and wildlife conservation lies at the heart of this ethos.

“We hope this exhibition will inspire people to support wildlife conservation globally.”

The Exhibition was officially opened on Friday night with Adam Radwanski attending, along with Silversea’s special guests.

The ‘Love the Last March’ exhibition is a social movement aimed at raising awareness and funds for the world’s most endangered species, in collaboration with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore). At 192 meters in length, the sculpture features 62 individual life-sized animals, depicting 45 of the world’s most endangered species. The sculptures were created by the award-winning public wildlife conservation artists Gillie & Marc, and will be on display at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore from 19 May, 2023, for 12 months.

By sponsoring the walrus sculpture, Silversea aims to inspire action and raise awareness for the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

Featured Image: Left to right: Gillie Schattner, Radwanski, Marc Schattner, and Silversea marketing campaign manager Samantha Choy